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We are a team of software engineers with a keen interest in going beyond mainstream software development – we like to tweak operating systems, work with hardware, rely on fuzzy logic and neural networks and most of all, we can’t keep our hands off 3D stuff.

Daniel Eder

Software Engineer, Hobby-Neuroscientist

Interests: Classical Music, Dancing (Classical, Latin), Books (Fantasy, Sci-Fi)

Youtube: BestOfClassicalMusic

Contact: [email protected]

Christian Schweiger

Software Engineer, Web Developer

Interests: Modern Web Design, Music

Contact: [email protected]

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Do you have a project that we can help you with? We have worked on projects for companies like Skidata and Cliffhanger Productions, created plugins for Ogre3D and Unity3D and worked with hardware ranging from Arduino Boards over the Raspberry Pi to EEG devices and even quadcopter drones. We can help you with everything from creating and hosting a website to developing self-learning software. Use the contact form below if you are interested in working with us!

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